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HT26 Action Taches cream - 22.99
Shown Colour:
Available Colours:

HT26 Action Taches Lotion - 32.99
Shown Colour:
Available Colours:

ht26 Anti-age soin moist cream - 24.99
Shown Colour:
Available Colours:

HT26 Exfoliating Clearing Body Cream - 23.99
Shown Colour:
HT26 Gommage Corps Body Cream. The surface of black or dark skin often contains thick layers of dead cells which give the skin a dehydrated, dull, greyish and often ashen appearance. HT26 EXFOLIATING CLEARING BODY CREAM is a creamy, foaming, cleansing cream which contains the following in its composition: Willow extract, which has a keratolytic effect, and thus reduces the thickness of the stratum corneum; Exfoliating plant particles which mechanically remove dead cells and rough patches from different parts of the body. From the first use, your skin rapidly becomes lighter, softer, more balanced and ready to receive the different HT26 body treatments which thus have a greater effect. It helps to eliminate the melanin present in the stratum corneum of the epidermis and, through exfoliation, prepares the skin to absorb the active substances contained in HT26 skin products. HT26 EXPLAINS Use HT26 EXFOLIATING BODY SCRUB once a week. Apply thinly to the whole body. Leave for 5 to 10 minutes. Exfoliate using a moistened PURIFYING BODY SPONGE HT26 in circular movements. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. The exfoliating body scrub thus stimulates cell renewal, removes rough patches and dead cells, leaving your skin clean and satin-smooth.
Available Colours:

HT26 Hand,Knee,Elbow Cream+SP Glycerine - 49.99
Shown Colour:
Ht26 Mains Pieds Cream 500ml + Sonik Performance Black Glycerine 125ml
Available Colours:

HT26 Sensitive Soap + FirstLady Cocoabutter Soap - 11.49
Shown Colour: Anti-Blemishes
ht26 dermatoligic senstive soap 150g + First Lady Creamy cocoabutter Soap 200g
Available Colours:

HT26 Gold&Argan Cream+SP Argan Oil - 54.99
Shown Colour:
Ht26 Or Argan Body Cream 480ml + Sonik Performance Black Argan Oil 125ml
Available Colours:

HT26 Exfoliating Clearing Face Masque - 15.99
Shown Colour:
HT26 Face Masque is surface of black or dark skin often contains dead cell layers which block the pilosebaceous duct thus giving the skin a dull, ashen appearance. The EXFOLIATING FACE MASK HT26 contains plant active substances including willow extract which, through its keratolytic properties, accelerates cell renewal. It helps to eliminate the melanin present in the stratum corneum of the epidermis and, through exfoliation, prepares the skin to receive the active substances contained in HT26 skin-care products. Use the EXFOLIATING FACE MASK HT26 twice a week. Apply to the face and neck in thin layers, avoiding the area around the eyes. Leave for 5 minutes (for fine and dry skin types) and 10 minutes (for thick, problem and oily skin types). Exfoliate the face using a moistened HT26 PURIFYING SCRUBBING FACIAL SPONGE in circular movements.
Available Colours:

HT26 almond oil + SP Almond oil - 19.99
Shown Colour: Softening
ht26 almond oil 125ml + Sonik Performance Black Almond Oil 125ml
Available Colours:

HT26 Whitening Cream Eye Contour - 21.99
Shown Colour: Smoothes and evens the eye
HT26 lightening cream intended for the eye contour is the most effective night time treatment for women who want to restore firmness and youth aspect to the eye contour zone. This rich, lightweight, comfortable cream is easily absorbed and suitable for those with sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers.
Available Colours:

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