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What’s NEW!

The ongoing change in seasons provides the perfect opportunity to revamp your beauty regime. When it comes to skincare there is always new enticing products or brand emerging. So what’s New?

  • "First Lady" skincare brand has taken a leap into natural products. The range currently consist of Anti-ageing, Lightening, Acne, Anti-Stretchmarks, Moisturising & Cleansing products. All the soaps and body butters are handmade with from 100% natural ingredients. They are 100% vegan and 100% chemical free. Click here to see the First lady Natural Range


  • “Nohooh” the new brand in town, established in the playground for the rich and famous, Monaco!  The manufacture of Nohooh has conducted several intense clinical studies into hygiene and personal care, which has enabled them to focus and create products for 3 areas “Lightening”, “Anti Acne” and “Complementary products”. Click here to see the Full Nohooh range 


  •  From Lebanon  the established beauty brand "Diana Cosmetics" has added new products to their hair care line. Diana cosmetics has created 2 hair foods, which both aim to improve the condition of hair. The "Diana Olive Hair Food Formula" conditions and strengthens hair, its rich in olive oil, Vitamin A & E, Coconut oil, Almond oil and Sunflower oil. The second is the brands original hair food "Diana Hair Food Formula". This hair food nourishes and conditions the hair, it gives a sine whilst softening the hair. Diana Hair Food Formula contains Vitamin A & E and Coconut oil. Both hair foods are Alcohol Free and Paraben free  Click here to see Diana Hair Food range
  • "HT26" known as the scientist devoted to black beauty has a addition to the Preparation range. "The Preparation Scrubbing Lightening Shower Gel" has been formulated to eliminate dead skin cells and impurities. It gently exfoliates the skin whilst leaving the skin refreshed. This is a ideal base for  the HT26 preparation regime. Click here to see HT26 Preparation Shower Gel




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