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Makari Oralight Skin Care

Makari Oralight


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Clear Complexion Food Supplement Oralight Maximises The Potential Of Makari Clarifying Cosmetics. Oralight Tablets Can Be Used To Clarify Your Bodys Skin Tone Uniformly. The Main Active Ingredients Of Bearberry (Arctostaphylos Uva-Ursi) Are Arbutin And Other Bioflavonoids, Which Are Well-Known For Their Clarifying Properties. Oralight Also Contains Lemon Fibres (Citrus Limonum), Which Are Rich In Bioflavonoids For Enhancing The Bearberrys Effectiveness. When Combined With Vitamin E And C, These Active Ingredients Prevent Skin Pigments From Forming And Protect The Skin From Free Radical Damage So As To Maintain Its Youthful Appearance. Oralight Clearly Improves The Tone And Radiance Of Your Complexion. 90 Capsules

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