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Makari Whitening Beauty Milk Premium+

Makari Whitening Beauty Milk Premium+


  • £39.99

The Whitening And Hydrating Premium + Beauty Milk Differs From The Classic Beauty Milk We Launched In 2002 In That It Contains A New Whitening Complex Made Exclusively Of Plant Extracts. Its Increased Whitening Effects Stem From The Fact That It Rapidly Counteracts The Excessive Formation Of Pigments (Melanin). The Premium + Milk Is Mainly Recommended For People Who Have Been Using Whitening Products For A Number Of Years But Did Not Obtain The Desired Result Or For People Who Are Susceptible To Undesirable Side Effects Such As Pimples, Darker Spots Or Very Dry Skin. By Using The Premium + Milk On A Regular Basis, Your Skin Will Not Only Regain Its Perfect Condition, But Will Gain A Radiance And Softness That Has To Be Seen To Be Believed. Very Soft And Non-Irritating, This Milk Is Ideal For Daily Use. This Product Is Guaranteed To Be Free From Hydroquinone And Parabens. Non-Allergenic Fragrance. 140Ml

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