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Savon 90 - Elysee Star

Savon 90

Lotion 90

  • £10.00

A Clear And Unified Dye Are Possible Unless Your Skin Wis Deeply Cleaned And Got Rid Of Dead Cells Which Tarnish The Glare Of Your Tone. This Essential Stage Is Ensured By The Lightening Soap 90 Allowing And In-Depth Cleaning, Thus Facilitating The Penetration Of The Skin Care Products. Beauty Action: 1- A Purifying Action 2- A Skin Obviously Clearer 3- A Complexion More Healthier And A Clearer Tone. Ht26 Explains Wash Your Hands Before Any Contact With Your Face. - Make The Soap Foam And Apply To The Face And The Neck Morning And Evening. 200G