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Why some skin lightening products can temporarily make hyperpigmentation areas darker before lighter?


Depending on the formula of skin lightening products, and the fact that each individual skin is different and reacts uniquely to certain ingredients and formulations, some people may notice that the area being treated may become temporarily darker before it gets lighter. This is quite common in the lightening and brightening process.

What are the reasons for skin becoming darker at the start of treatment?

  • An increase in the cell turnover
  • Pigments rising to the surface
  • Increase in melanin in the epidermis

The active lightening agents interacts with the skin causing the pigments to rapidly pull toward the skin surface, which increases melanin production. This is the reason behind the temporary darkening. Once the pigments reach the skin surface the cells are prepared to be gently exfoliated and gradually shred away. It is important that the process is not rushed by over exfoliating and the lightening treatment is seen as a long-term process and not a quick fix. You will need to stay consistent with the treatment for the area to lighten and clear up.

What should I consider?

  • Use High Factor Sunblock / Sunscreen to block UV rays on daily basis on top of your lightening treatment
  • Skin lightening products need to be used long term and regularly, they need time to work and activate with the skin
  • Avoid over exfoliating, exfoliate with a scrub once or twice a week
  • Avoid mixing different brand products together because each brand uses different formulas, on an event you do mix different brand products do a small test patch
  • Don’t use or mix harsh chemicals with your lightening treatment, this may aggravate irritation and inflammation on the skin
  • Always conduct a small test patch when using skin lightening products before fully applying, because each individual skin tolerance and product formula is different

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