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Pr.Bedon Caviar Toning Lotion

Pr.Bedon Caviar Toning Lotion


  • £19.99

Pr. Francoise Bedon Lait Unifiant De Luxe Caviar Has Innovated For You A New Luxurious Formula With Caviar Extracts. The Caviar Used Has Been Collected In The Mediterranean Banks, In One Of The Most Luxuriousbreeding. This High Quality Body Lotion Is Concentrated And Enriched In Amino Acids, Liposoluble Vitamins, Oligo Elements, Fat Acids And Essential Sterols. With The Efficient Effect, The Caviar Keeps Your Skin Soft, Pleasant, Tasty And Ultra Penetrated Action. The Body Lotion Cares, Purifies, Nourishes And Hydrates Your Epidermis, Gives It Softness, Elasticity And Pleasure. 500Ml